Our Online History

Our Internet presence started back in 1998 when the Internet just started to emerge bringing tens of thousands of job opportunities to laterally the “finger tips" of job seekers around the world.

Apart, from being a brick and mortar company established in 1989 and incorporated as a Canadian Corporation in 1990, Resume World has a verifiable Corporate and Internet History.  Since its beginning in 1989, Resume World has been blazing a trail of client success.  In the process, our clients’ referrals are making long-distance trips to visit our office to work with our resume writing experts and connect with us 24/7 via our web portal.

In 1998, Resume World launched its first website becoming the first ever "single focused resume writing" corporation in the history of the World Wide Web.   See what we looked like back in 1998 when the Internet was just emerging at the Internet Archive http://www.archive.org (type in www.resumeworldinc.com).

The traffic generated and the amount of client and job seeker inquiries spurred by our online presence in the late 1990s demanded a more informative and robust website. This demand was answered in 2001 when Resume World launched its fully e-commerce website featuring multiple pages of valuable resume tools, career information, resume templates, resume tips, resume worksheets and services and pricing information to assist both clients and job seeking candidates around the world.

See what we looked like below back in 2001 when the Internet just started to spurt tens of thousands of jobs, bringing a wealth of job opportunities to laterally the “finger tips" of job seekers around the world.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832).

In today’s internet savvy world, it is common for companies to imitate their industry leaders. This trend is prevalent across many industry sectors and serves to reinforce the words of Charles Caleb Colton "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."   

A quick review of many of the resume websites would reveal a similar pattern. Many of these websites reveal excerpts of our website content, colour scheme, resume service structure and even our website framework. The reality is that many of these “me too” companies are “only” websites and not brick and mortar corporations. These internet entities usually have very little or no verifiable corporate history, but they use unsubstantial client success rates, awards, certifications and professional memberships as reassurance of their creditability and validity.  


Resume World's very first Internet presence launched in 1998 - www.resumeworldinc.com



Resume World's second enhanced Internet presence - fully e-commerce based webiste launched in 2001 www.resumeworld.ca