STANDOUT AND GET HIRED: Job Opportunities Exist During Christmas time.

Given the competitive nature of the job market, job seekers can take advantage of the festive season to stand out from the crowd and land the job. During the holiday season, most job seekers suspend their job hunting activities believing that companies do not hire at this time of the year.  As a result, unique opportunities exist and more attention is usually given to job seekers during this season because employers have less candidates competing to fill their job openings. This type of attention can make the difference between being screened out and being hired.

Apart from the retail sector and some seasonally focused companies, it is true that most companies do not actively hire during Christmas time.  Unlike other times of the year, when the hectic pace of business activities are at their peak, the holiday season allows more time for more relaxed contemplation.  Therefore, the hiring managers of most companies often find themselves with more extra time on their hands. With most budgets already approved during the year, in either March or September as is typical for most companies, the hiring managers know what company priorities are, and what expenditures have been allocated to achieve business targets.  Armed with allocated budgets and knowledge of business priorities, these hiring managers are able to make hiring decisions that are, for the most part, pre-approved. 

During this time of the year, resumes and job applications can also be reviewed at a more leisurely pace. The job seekers who take advantage of the relatively slow period to apply are likely to be noticed. The subsequent interviews that are generated are also conducted less hurriedly allowing job seekers the opportunity to engage in conversations, establish rapport, and make a positive impression without the hassle of the grind of regular business. All of these factors contribute to opportunities for job seekers to stand out, get the job, and set the tone for a prosperous New Year.