Admissions Applications

Due to the large volume of candidates seeking higher education, many colleges, universities and professional schools require that you apply formally. The format sought by these institutions is often referred to as an autobiographical sketch, profile or admission application. While the format and areas of focus may vary, the purpose is usually similar. These institutions aim to secure the best candidates for admission to their programs. The decision to accept a candidate is often based on the candidate's ability to complete the program, potential for success upon graduation, and their possible contribution to the learning process and to society as a whole.

Similar to our resume writing process, the admission application starts with an assessment of your background in order to obtain pertinent information. Research is also conducted to obtain information about the institution to which you are applying and the focus of their programs. Armed with such knowledge, we will then develop the strategy and content required to meet the criteria of the institution. We will incorporate aspects of your background to solidify the uniqueness and strength of your submission and give you an advantageous position over competing candidates.

Our Fees

Our fee to prepare admissions applications is $295.00 and up.


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"After raising my family and being away from academic upgrading for many years, I wanted to pursue a degree at York University.  Due to the competitive nature of obtaining university admission, I turned to Resume World to help me with my admission letter. The next week, after my application was submitted, I was granted admission.   

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 Gurdial P.