Application for Designations

Professional Writing for Designations, Awards & Executive Offices

If you are an undesignated professional with extensive experience, your expertise may be recognized by a professional organization. The first step is an application. Often, a strong application is all that is required. Upon proper verification of skills and experience, many professional organizations will endow qualified applicants with the appropriate professional designation. In some cases, refresher courses and/or examinations are required.

Applications for professional designation should be focused on the length, scope and level of expertise acquired. The strength of such applications can be fortified using examples of accomplishments, contributions to companies and clients, recommendations, initiatives undertaken, and any other area that demonstrates the use of professional thinking, methodology and result. Outline any participatory or leadership role undertaken within the industry, community or business organizations. Awards, accreditations, and other forms of professional recognition should also be mentioned. It is also useful to mention any courses, and training programs developed and/or implemented.

In developing such a document, care should be exercised to avoid claims to professional titles that have not been formally recognized by the organization to which the application is being submitted.

Executive Offices

Holding executive office can have significant positive impact on your career and social status. Realizing the importance of such an undertaking, many clients have sought the expertise of Resume World Inc. to prepare substantiating documents/candidate profiles for these types of positions.

When composing a document for executive office, it is important to target areas that demonstrate traits such as vision, strategic planning, leadership, and relationship building. This can be achieved by incorporating experience and accomplishments encompassing scope of knowledge, the micro and macro, the strategy and execution. Apart from business experience, it is often beneficial to outline knowledge of social, political, legal and economical issues. The tone of your document should be positive, formal, clear and focused. The reader should be impressed with what you have done, your awareness of key issues and the qualities that you would bring to an executive office.

Our Fees

Professional designations $295.00 and Up
Executive office $595.00 and Up