Business Profiles

Company profiles are usually prepared to serve several purposes. Some examples are: to communicate a vision, establish credibility, obtain contracts, secure grants or other forms of funding and attract new clients. Whatever the purpose, careful development of strategy and content are important to the effectiveness of a company profile.

When writing for a company, care must be exercised to ensure the image and integrity of the organization is conveyed in a positive manner. Vocabulary, confidentiality and style as well as critical thinking are all important considerations. An engineering company for example, should be represented in a manner that indicates a unique blend of technical and non-technical language in order to communicate effectively. The scope of Company service and a list of clients (without divulging sensitive information) should also be incorporated. Upon reading a company profile, the reader should be impressed with the competence, reliability and uniqueness of the company as well as the services and products offered.

Our Fees

Our fee to prepare your business profile is $395.00 and up