Information - Inquiry Letters

This type of letter is aimed at obtaining information from companies regarding their industry and hiring procedures. Although not intending to solicit employment, many employment opportunities have been created using this effective approach. For example, by gathering information about companies and understanding their businesses, you can then successfully target these companies based on your enhanced knowledge. You may also be able to identify areas for improvements, market expansion and explain how your experience and skills can be used to benefit the organization.

Services and Fees

Complete Writing Service - This service involves composition of the letter based on careful evaluation of your target industry and job objectives. Our fee for this services is $65.00

Editing Service - This service is aimed at improving the content of your letter to make it more appealing to employers. Our fee for this services is $35.00

Basic Service - This service is for a job seeker who is fairly satisfied with the content of his/her letter. This service is aimed at ensuring the correctness and layout of the letter. Our fee for this services is $15.00