Reference List

A list of references serve as a source of contact through which a potential employer can verify your background and help to ascertain your suitability for a job. This document allows you the opportunity to provide a list of persons who can vouch for your skills, work ethics, character, strengths and other attributes.

The list of references should contain the name, job title, and company employing your reference as well as a contact number. It may also be useful to indicate how you were associated with your reference. For example: supervisor, business partner or client.

Be sure to choose your references carefully, seek their permission, and provide them with an overview of the areas you would like them to emphasize on your behalf. It may be a good idea to provide your references with scripted summaries highlighting key areas relevant to your employment objectives. If you are seeking a management position, areas such as leadership, work planning and decision-making should be included in your summary.


One to Three References $15.00
Four to Six references $25.00