Thank You/Followup Letters

How do you stand out from other qualified candidates after the interview and increase your chances of getting the job? By following up with a "thank you" letter. Written with the interview in mind, the letter should be a genuine note of thanks. You should also, take this opportunity to briefly reinforce your suitability for the position and express interest in working for the company. Information gathered from the interview can be used to your advantage.

Services and Fees

Complete Writing Service - This service involves composition of the letter based on careful evaluation of your job objective and information gathered from your interview. Our fee for this service is $80.00

Editing Service - This service is aimed at improving the content of your letter to make it more appealing to the employer. Our fee for this service is $60.00

Basic Service - This service is for a job seeker who is fairly satisfied with the content of his/her letter. This service is aimed at ensuring the correctness and layout of the letter. Our fee for this service is $35.00