Resume Writing from Scratch for Entry Level Jobs

Service Description & Pricing

Complete Resume Writing Service is aimed at opening doors for you to a new job or even a better one by increasing the volume and qualify of interview requests to your resume.  In most cases, clients just entering the workforce require flexibility so that they can use thier resumes to apply for several related jobs within various industry sectors. Your new resume will showcase your academic skills, knowledge and experience and demonstrate what value you can bring to prospective employers. Such a resume is developed and structured to set you apart from the rest and get you hired.

Strategic Resume Writing - Our 3-Step Process

Step 1 – Initial Client Consultation and Resume Needs Assessment

  • Consult with you to identify your targeted profession/industry and career objective(s)
  • Identify the skills and knowledge you have acquired through your education and activities, including leadership roles, volunteer experience, accomplishments and attributes
  • Evaluate the position(s) you are applying for including related job postings and employer job competency requirements (skills, experience, qualifications and attributes required to perform the job successfully)
  • Review other aspects of your background to identify relevant information that will be valuable to employers

Step 2 – Resume Strategy and Development

  • Develop the resume strategy – what to include, what not to include so that we can maximize the impact of your strengths and minimize any weaknesses
  • Identify the most suitable resume format, structure and marketing techniques
  • Develop the contents for your resume – academic skills and knowledge, job duties, achievements and personal attributes using job specific key words and competency-based phrases
  • Team review of your draft resume to ensure that your resume effectively links your academic skills and knowledge, work experience and attributes to your targeted profession and employers’ job competency requirements

Step 3 – Client Consultation and Resume Review

  • Review the resume one-on-one with you to ensure that your resume successfully targets your objectives and provides you with the flexibility that you may need for entry into the workforce
  • Ensure that the resume accurately portrays your academic/work experience and effectively demonstrates how your academic skills and experience can benefit prospective employers
  • Make any changes to meet your needs and prepare the final resume for your approval
  • Discuss how you can utilize your new resume to effectively sell yourself at the interview and get the job

Resume Service Includes

  • Initial and Follow Up Consultations
  • Your Review and Final Approval of Your Resume
  • Five Master Copies of Your Resume on High Quality Paper (Office Pick-Up Only)
  • Microsoft Word Version of Your Resume on CD (Office Pick-Up Only)
  • Lifetime Storage of Your Resume

Our Fees

Pricing for Entry Level Jobs

Resume Writing Service from Scratch or Complete Re-Write $495
Resume Editing and Enhancing Service $295
Basic Resume Formatting Service $95


Pricing for Management, Technical and Supervisory Level Resumes

Resume Writing Service From Scratch $695
Resume Editing and Enhancing Service $395
Basic Resume Formatting Service $95
Please note that all prices are subjected to an in-office evaluation or telephone review of the work to be done. In any such case where there is a price difference; you will be notified ahead of time, before any work begins, to ensure your approval.

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"The interviewers were very impressed with my resume.  After three grueling interviews I finally got the job with Telus.      I will be working in Montréal as a Systems Engineer Support Specialist.  Thank you for a great resume." 

Systems Engineer

Rohan K.