Resume Consultation

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Our Free Resume Consultation provides job seeking candidates with an overview of what can be done to advantageously position and market their particular background so that they can achieve optimal interview results leading to a successful job. This process also allow our resume writing experts to determine the most suitable resume strategy, the work involved and the cost so that you can decide on the best course of action to meet your resume needs.

Alternatively, job seeking candidates can email or fax a copy of their existing resume and other documents for a free evaluation. In such case, a Resume World resume writing expert will respond by email or phone to discuss your resume and provide meaningful feedback and strategies to you.

To take advantage of the free consultation, please call us to schedule an in-office appointment or telephone discussion at (416.438.3606 / 416.245.6528).  We request that you send us a copy of your existing resume/CV via email or by fax (416.438.1849) together with any additional information that you believe might be relevant to your background experience prior to the appointment.  Documents such as job postings, job descriptions, performance reviews, key performance indicators (KPIs) and balance scorecard data are useful if available.