We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

Resume Formats and Templates

Selecting the Best Resume Format

Selecting the best resume strategy and format is crucial to your resume success. Most recruiters, hiring managers and human resources professionals prefer the reverse-chronological resume format because it provides a complete picture of one’s career history, usually without any employment gaps. However, your job is to choose a format that best highlights your career aspirations and unique skills and experience to potential employers. The format you select should enable you to effectively build your resume around your targeted profession and/or job objective(s), and showcase your particular competencies and accomplishments relevant to the profession or job(s) you are targeting.

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the preferred format for academic positions. Click on the side navigation or on any link below to learn more about the benefits and disadvantage of each resume format, including the CV format.

Chronological, Functional, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Combined Templates

Resume World provides a host of resume writing resources and tools, including these professionally formatted resume templates to help you create your own resume.  Each template provides step-by-step guidance which will help you to produce an effective resume.   We provide a broad selection of resume templates to address virtually every candidate’s resume needs.   Select only those resume headings that are relevant to your particular background and that would help you to effectively communicate your skills and experience to potential employers.

These resume templates are organized into Chronological, Functional, Combined, New Graduate (Entry Level), Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Accomplishments-Based formats.   Any of these resume templates (based on your experience and career aspiration) can be used to produce an effective resume. These would help you to apply for almost any position – from entry level to senior executive positions. 

Click on any of the link below to download the format that best fits your resume preparation needs.  

Resume Templates By Format

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