We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

Chronological Resume Format

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Chronological Resume Format

Generally speaking, most employers, recruiters and hiring managers prefer the the reverse-chronological (commonly referred to as the chronological format) resume over the functional or combined formats because it provides a complete picture of one’s career history and advancement. It also provides at a glance, comprehensive employment details – names of companies worked for, dates of employment, job titles, job responsibilities, accomplishments, specialized training, education, and so on. Although the chronological resume is the preferred format, your objective is to choose the resume strategy and format that will generate the best interview results for you.

The chronological format lists your past employment in reverse order (starting with the most recent employment on the top) with key responsibilities listed under each position (job title), followed by accomplishment statements resulting from successfully carrying out your responsibilities.


The chronological resume format is most advantageous to individuals who have a consistent career history (without any employment gaps) that relates to his/her profession and career aspiration. It effectively emphasizes one’s career growth and paves the way for future career advancement. It is the format most preferred by recruiters and hiring managers.


The chronological resume format clearly reveals employment gaps, unrelated jobs and/or frequent job change. It highlights lack of related job experiences and emphasizes more on a set of unrelated job skills. It is the least beneficial resume format for individuals changing career from one field to another.

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