We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

We are here to help you advance your career and increase your earnings.

Functional Resume Format

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format focuses on your skill sets gained through previous employment, volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities, as opposed to focusing on your actual career history. It starts with experience and accomplishments in the form of areas of expertise (skill sets, or functional areas of skills) upfront under functional headings and concludes with employment and education at the end of the resume.


The functional resume format is ideal for job candidates who are changing career from one field to another and cannot substantiate any job specific skills gained through responsibilities in current or recent positions. It de-emphasizes employment gaps and lack of career progression and emphasizes skills and strengths related to a targeted profession or position(s). It is ideal for candidates re-entering the job market after an extended period of time. It is also ideal for students and individuals with limited employment history or unpaid work experience.


The functional resume format is least preferred by recruiters and hiring managers because job candidates use this format to de-emphasize irrelevant work history or employment gaps, thus leaving employers to believe they have something to hide. In most cases, this format also shows a lack of career progression or job specific contributions, which is of most importance to employers when considering a candidate for a specific position.

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